Other Games Like Episode Choose Your Story

You must have heard about the popular story-writing app ‘Episode’. It is a highly popular story reading app with over 4.4 billion episodes and 84000 stories. We have an episode free passes hack for you so that you can enjoy the app to its maximum without paying for gems and passes.

If that is not enough to satisfy you, good news is that there are more games like Episode Choose your Story. Read on to know the full list:

Hollywood Story

Hollywood story is one of the popular games like episode online. The game revolves around the famous area of Los Angeles. This game allows the user to explore all the areas of Hollywood. The user can even use a virtual heroine. Roaming around and exploring new things accumulates the reward for the user. The player should try to reach out to the maximum number of stars. However, the game has limited choices and user freedom.

Hollywood U-Rising Stars

Games like episode choose your story can strengthen the personality development of the player. Hollywood U Rising star is one such game. The player becomes a teacher at Hollywood University. Points accumulate based on how much, fame fortune and romance you earn. You choose a star. Work towards the star’s fashion outfits, put him/her in fabulous parties. You make her succeed in blockbusters.

My Candy Love

The game revolves around a class of girls and boys. The player has to make all the efforts to win the heart of any one of the classmates. My candy love allows you to make your own story, just like Episode. The game allows the player to drench and enjoy in the world of romance. Many useful tips that can be tried in real relationships can be learned here. This is one such perfect app like episode for adults.

Spirited Heart

Spirited Heart is one such apps like episode choose your story and make you a hero. Virtually you create your self with unique personality and attributes. Gradually you increase your skills. Finally, the game makes you meet your partner. Spirited heart app is similar to games like episode for iphones.

Monster Loves You

If you want to be the player, you become a monster. Though it is one of the free games like episode, you get many benefits. You gain your political power. You get to balance between intelligence and cruelty. The game moves through interesting 900 options. It is loaded with thrilling adventures.

Choice of Robots

It is based on AI. You as a player should use all your intelligence to excel in robot assembly. You have to make them learn skills. At one point your personal robot turns into the second hero of the game. Unique apps like episode and choice of robots definitely improve player creativity.

Champion of the Gods

Games like episode choose your story online. This app is slightly different as it is based on Greek Mythology. The game is a consistent thriller. Playing this game makes you feel absolutely like an ancient Greek Hero.

Choice of the Deathless

When playing games like episode how to create a story, you choose the genre. However, in this game, you are always the lawyer of evil forces. Here you join hands with occult forces in the war against God. The game is filled with political satire.

All in All

You might be ready to get your hands on these apps right now. But before that, are you sure you have completely got the best of Episode Choose Your Story? We strongly recommend you to go through all of these handpicked stories before going to the other apps.

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