How To Make Your Own Story On Episode

Are you a creative individual who can imagine too good stories? When you are watching a movie, you feel that it could have been made still better with twists and turns? Do not let your talent go waste. You can simply use episode to create your own story.

Read on to know how to make a story on episode


You have to use the link In short, the ‘episode-choose your story’ is an app which helps to create your own stories.

Interactive Hollywood-caliber stories are featured on the episode app. You can keep on choosing from the options displayed on the screen. What choices you make, determines how the story is going to travel further. That is how you can make your own episode stories.

All you have to do is to simply download the mobile app for free. However, creators must be of 13 years or older for creating stories in the episode.

You can work on numerous ideas simultaneously. Thus, it allows you to manage your stories. You can use the episode story maker to even publish your stories. This feature is not found in other apps like Episode.

How to make your own story on episode:

Just log in ‘Episode studio’ with your google or facebook account. You have to write at least 3 episodes to make your own story episode. There is an excellent support team which can help you on how to write an episode story. The app has a library with hundreds of backgrounds, outfits, and characters. Using these you learn how to create your own story on episode very easily. Read the directing guides in the web site for step-by-step instruction on how to create a story in episode.

In episode ‘You’ are the nucleus of the story. Many times you would want to share what had happened in your life. You can use episode to write your own story. Right from costume selection, you have a say as you are the creator.

You can also use episode make your own story of hanging out with Hollywood celebrities. You can search for your imaginary love mate. Then move on easily to learn how to create a story on episode.

A feature which is so special about the app is its interactive capacity with the creator. You can experience this by learning how to write a story on episode interactive.

You can use episode create your own story cheats. However, content that promotes violence, hate speech, abuse or excessive alcohol or drug usage, the app will not feature them.

The app has an in-built game guide. Using these you can even make your story game.

When you know the art of retaining readers, people who log on to episode choose your own story. When you have the skill to earn a high rate of reader retention, episodes choose your own story more.

To create your own story episode is possible in any genre- thrill, romance, suspense, comedy and so on. The viewership base is so wide that so far over 7 billion episodes have been viewed. Hence, create your own story episode and share it across millions of viewers.

Do I have to be a good writer to make your own episode story?


Definitely no! You can submit a story that you so desparately want to share regardless of how good or bad your writing skills can be. There are editors who will vet through your content as well as your language.

Want some inspirations? Here are some of the best episode stories of 2020 that we have compiled. Get ideas and see why these stories are so popular, and strive to do better.

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Happy Writing!