How To Earn Free Gems And Passes

Who does not like reading interesting and absorbing stories? With the inroads of the internet into our lives, everybody is glued to their own devices. Ever since our mobile phones have become smarter, many age-old devices are long forgotten. Smartphones have started serving us as a mini computers.

Are you someone who loves to read and also create stories? You may have already come across this stupendous application by the American gaming giant Pocket Gems called Episode - Choose Your Story. It is a mobile application, on both iphone and android, and can be easily downloaded into your phone/tablet/PC from the Google play store and Apple play store respectively. The application allows users to create their own stories and publish in on the UGC platform that it hosts. Till date, there are a whopping 12 million viewers who have tried their hand at creating their own stories on the app.

What is the role of passes and gems?

The application has its own form of currency in the form of gems and passes. Collecting and spending them means that you can move forward. The gems unlock some of the stories and features that may enable you to make your own story Episode.

How to get free passes on the episode?


The gems and passes are generated every day. The viewer can patiently wait each day to collect them and move forward. There are also dozens of affiliate and third party sites which will help you do that. If you ask me how to get free passes on episode iPhone, I would tell you how to get free tickets on episode is to head to one of the many episode hack sites. Where you can get as many gems and passes that you want. Of course not all the hack sites are safe and secure. The viewer will have to exercise excessive caution in order to be able to single out the most reliable of hack sites. Is it legitimate? In the simplest of terms – No! The viewer can also make in-app purchases with real money to move forward quickly. But why would anyone want to burn his hard earned savings. Especially when it is possible to get free passes and gems from certain reliable sites. He must only know how to get free passes and gems on the episode.

How safe is Episode mod apk

You might have stumbled on sites that offer you to download Episode hacked apk onto your phone as a way to get free gems and passes without having to pay.

Note that this is highly insecure and you may be facing legality issues and risking personal data thefts. We have written an article that talks more about this and why an Episode apk mod does not work. do check it out in our blog.

How to hack episode?


There are a lot of cheat sites on the internet; just like any other much-loved game. The viewer must make sure that if he wants to hack then he must know how to get passes on the episode. A lot of times, malware, Trojan and viruses can afflict the computers making it a big liability to the device’s owners.

To make sure that it does not happen, the player must not download anything into his device. But use his browser as a web application. This way he will be saved from downloading of any malware into the device.

The episode hack that you access must

Be safe Be secure Protect your privacy especially sensitive data such as social security and bank details. Guard against other players and game servers. If you understand well how to get free passes on episode cheat you will not get detected for using hack tools and therefore will be saved from being banned. But if you do not want to take the risk, there is always alternative games like Episode to satisfy your hunger. We have compiled a list in this article for your enjoyment.

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