Does Episode Choose Your Story mod APK even work?

Have you ever read a book or watched a TV show where you felt that the characters were not well-formed? Or that the sequence of events was not logical? Sometimes, when we are watching short movies, we often tell ourselves that this is not how we had expected it to end. Or that the creator of the story could have added more twists to the story to make it more interesting.

Episode fills up that vacuum


Episode is a mobile application that has Hollywood caliber stories. It is a big hit among people who have downloaded it into their smart devices such as

  • Mobile phones
  • Tablet PC

It is the first of such an interactive game that is so successful. Many other similar games have followed its footsteps since its launch.

There is a spate of reviews and positive testimonials across the internet. We have even written our own review of the Best episode stories in 2020 as well. Do check out our blog.

It proves how good the app in itself is. There are in all three types of stories on the application.

  • User-generated stories
  • In-house original stories and
  • IP licensed

How popular this interactive storytelling app is obvious from the number of installations that have been counted. A record of 125 million people have installed this application on their smart devices and 4.4 billion stories have been watched till date.

The user-generated story platform has 12 thousand users registered. The app is owned by the American game developer called Pocket Gems.

What is episode choose your story apk?

When a viewer downloads a story from the application, it gets downloaded in the ".apk" format just like how in the PC, files are downloaded with ".exe" extensions. So ".apk" or APK is synonymous with Android Application Package.

The application has a system where the viewer is expected to watch episode mod apk to get unlimited gems and passes. With an accumulation of such gems and passes, he can further unlock other stories. The viewer can collect more gems and passes with watching more stories on the app.

The only other alternative to not collecting enough gems and passes is to then use real money to buy the story and download it to watch. But today, who would want to spend real money when there are various hacks to download gems and passes for free?

Dangers of using Episode apk mod

A lot of hackers develop mod apk or modded apk where they hack into the application. Unlock the stories which are meant to be bought on the application. It is impossible to collect too many episode mod apk unlimited gems and passes. Because the viewers are left to see some not very great storylines to be able to collect the gems and passes.

Episode hacked apk is however not legal. They are risky because there is a high chance that they are created by hackers. This means that they can introduce malware into your device. Episode hack apk may sound very attractive but viewers must be wary of it. It has the potential of creating a lot of problems. It may introduce malware into the device’s memory.

However, if you insist that you download an episode. Choose your story mod apk and you must exercise absolute caution. Try to make sure that you do not become a victim of phishing websites. Banking and social security system are on the phone’s memory. We must be extra cautious. Saving a little bit of money and free entertainment must not cost us our safety.

Nonetheless, we do have a episode mod apk download link for Android users to enjoy the game without the frustration of missing out having to spend money on Episode gems and passes.

Alternative to mod apk

As an alternative to downloading a dubious package to your mobile phone, try our Episode hack to get unlimited free gems and passes by clicking the buttons right below!

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