Best Stories on Episode in 2020

Today we are here to discuss some of the best stories present on Episode. But if you don't what is Episode, let me explain to you in brief. The episode is an app which provides stories of a different genre to its users. Here you can find the stories in the form of animated graphics and games. These graphically animated stories are highly customizable and hence you can read the same story in various ways through through the choices you make in the game.

Let's come to our main topic and start our first story

Positively princess


Have you ever thought to be a prince or a princess? This story introduces the protagonist of this story as a prince or a princess. Here it enables the reader to choose any character either prince or princess as per your will.

In this story, you can customize your appearance like skin tone, hair color, and style, nose shape, etc to look better.

The story narrates about a prince or princess as per your selection. He is or she is lost now. Soon he got to know that that the kingdom of not safe. To safeguard the kingdom the prince or princess has only one choice to marry a princess or a prince. This marriage also needs to happen within 30 days. Here from the story keeps taking many turns and twist to reach the climax. What would be the climax? Will the prince or princess get married? Will the Queen’s mind will change and she will not create the situation for the prince or princess to get married? What will be the outcome if the Queen doesn't change her mind?

Will the prince or princess really get married that too just within 30 days to protect the kingdom?

These Questions coming in your mind due to your curiosity can only be satisfied if you go through the whole story.

Let's move to our next store which is

Demi Lovato: Path to Fame


Life is not always equal and easy for everyone. We all have different rules of changes and problems to solve and overcome to succeed in life. This story is about a fan of Demi Lovato. The fan is the main protagonist of the story. It's always on to test your ability to balance between love, family, friends, and career. The chances of this test increases when you are with Demi Lovato.

The protagonist of this story is a singer cum songwriter and a big fan of Demi Lovato. When Demi Lovato visits the city of the protagonist, the protagonist gets a chance to enter into a singing competition. After winning the singing contest, the protagonist gets an offer to be on a tour with Demi Lovato for two weeks. After this tour, the protagonist launches its career and while balancing it with friends, family, and love in which a lot of interesting things happen. To know what problems come before the protagonist and how she managed it, you need to read the whole story once.

There are many characters in this story.

Some of the main characters of this story are

  • The protagonist (due to the story demand this character is always chosen to be female)
  • Her friend cum roommates which later becomes her manager
  • Demi Lovato, a very famous singer who helps a lot in setting the career of the protagonist.

The real Demi Lovato
The real Demi Lovato

In the same series our next story that is

Bad boys' Girl


Did you ever fell for someone? Was there any or say many crushes in your school time? Most of the answers would be yes I think as we all have some special attraction towards someone very special in our at least one stage.

This story is about Tessa, the protagonist of this story. She was having a or sided love for one of her friend Jay stone. After many years when the half brother of Jay stone, cole stone returns in the town, everything changes dramatically. When cole was not in the town, Jay didn't give my special attention to the love of Tessa and kept dating her friend only.

To know what happens in the end? Who with Tessa goes in last? What happens between stone brothers when Tessa comes in between them? To get the answers to these questions, go to the full story once.

The main characters of this story are

The protagonist Tessa Middleton, Jay stone, Cole stone, Nicole Andrea Bishop and Thea Middleton

Some other important characters are

  • Megan
  • Beth
  • Travis O'Connel
  • Hank Fontaine
  • The next story in the same series is

Started with a lie


Sometimes just even a small stupidity in our life changes our whole life. For some, the change becomes good and for others not so.

'Started with a lie' is a story narrating the various odd situations felt by the protagonist of this story. In this story, the protagonist is asked some questions on the case of murder. While telling the things which she witnessed, she also addresses Cameron Dallas her boyfriend and she is dating him. But the truth behind this is, Cameron Dallas is not dating her. She told this lei just to make Karen feel jealous but she was never knowing what might be happening just to tell when even a single lie at a particular time.


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