Best 5 stories of Episode - Choose Your Story 2019

Episode - Choose Your Story contains a whole catalog of engaging stories belonging to wide variety of genres ranging from Mystery to Romance. Some of these user stories are contributed by people from different walks of life and some, if not many, of them are definite must-reads.

Not sure which stories should you spend your hard earned gems and passes on to get the most satisfaction? Well, here are our top 5 recommendations.

Don't worry. There are no spoilers :)

The Secret of Rain

Secret of Rain by Joseph Evans
Secret of Rain by Joseph Evans

The Secret of Rain is a story contributed by Joseph Evans. It is Joseph's first story using the new, Ink format. Rain Riverton, the young teen protagonist of the story, has never been in love. That might just change when she meets Leon, but only if they can overcome the dark secret of Rain. 30 chapters of riveting storyline awaits.

Chain Reaction

Episode's Chain Reaction series
Episode's Chain Reaction series

If you like sex and guns, then the Chain Reaction series is definitely for you. It is currently still ongoing with over 50 chapters already, revolving around the mafia and sex. It follows Callie, the main protagonist, who witnessed a gang murder, only to cross path with the sexy gang leader! Unexpected romance ensues.

Back and Forth

Back and Forth by Earlgreytea
Back and Forth by Earlgreytea

Time for some romance comedy. Back and Forth is the go-to story for a dose of laughter and affection. It is a different twist to the highly acclaimed Japanese anime Your Name about body swapping between a girl and a guy. Let's see where this takes us.

Tangled Love

Tangled Love by  Noella Mei
Tangled Love by Noella Mei

A more serious romance to rival Romeo And Juliet. Bella is infatuated and in love with her crush, but her kind boyfriend and future fiancé makes things complicated. An episode of star crossed love that is bound to bring you to tears.

The Teacher (Classic Version)

Episode's the Teacher
Episode's the Teacher

Mia Rose aims to become a doctor. As she pursues her goals in life, she is troubled over who to pursue for the love of her life. The story has different endings depending on who you decide Mia should be with. A simply amazing story that fans are championing for a movie.

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